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The Fairies in Cape Breton—Our Beliefs and Tales

The Fairies in Cape Breton—Our Beliefs and Tales

FROM THE MARVELOUS WIKLATMU'JK OF THE MI'KMAQ to the lutins of the Acadians and the Scottish fairies, elves and little people—they all come together as Mary Munson shares living traditions from all corners of Cape Breton Island. From the Kluskap’s Cave at St. Ann’s Bay to fairy circles and fairy mounds—through tales and personal experiences—this is a book of powerful evidence from some awfully reliable people who heard the stories, saw the horses' braided manes, and witnessed the little people on the road or dancing out on the ice. 

        Cape Breton’s fairy life started for Mary with her noted CBC Land and Sea documentary, but the fairies would not let her go.

        Beautifully told and laced throughout with tales from the oral tradition, The Fairies in Cape Breton is a rich, respectful and satisfying presentation of remarkable elements from this ever-surprising island.