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Gardens Built by Love—Faith-Based Community Gardens—ePub

Gardens Built by Love—Faith-Based Community Gardens—ePub

from Gardens Built by Love:   “The garden has now developed into its own community of like-minded people, some from other faith communities and some professing no faith at all. Many of these gardeners are committed to working together to improve food security in the area. They have contributed their harvest at Spare to Share (pay-as-you’re-able) markets, planted plots for food bank donations and participated in events for Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The garden has participants from the local family resource centre, employment skill development agency, community workshops and daycare centre. By creating a new community centred around gardening, the church has indirectly increased its reach to many different individuals and organizations.”   

          To what extent does this experience reflect that of other faith communities? What makes a leadership structure for a community garden effective? What are some models and practical resources for places of faith wishing to host community gardens? Karla Winham’s study suggests some answers to these questions.   Available in ePub format: $9.95

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