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White Eyes — 16 Stories

White Eyes — 16 Stories

by Larry Gibbons • 176 pages

SHORT STORIES ROOTED IN TEN YEARS on a Mi’kmaw reserve, and his love for a native woman—insightful stories from a unique perspective.
    Stirred by the tenderness, tenacity, and flexibility of the Mi’kmaw extended family, and challenged by a native spirituality different from his own, Gibbons found himself as a writer.
    In a style that is casual but rigorous, his voice—always passionate, often confused, frequently hilarious—builds a bridge between white and native culture, even as he entertains with a sharp, self-deprecating eye.
    “Endearing.... Gibbons has a marvellous way of telling stories.”—Shirley Gueller, Atlantic Books Today
    "Wonderful stories, a loving clash of cultures—funny, warm and sensitive."—Sheldon Currie, author of The Glace Bay Miners' Museum and Down the Coaltown Road
    "I think those stories are all worthwhile printing. I know that my own people will enjoy reading them and getting that interesting perspective from a white man who has a helluva time attempting to understand reserve life."—Bernie Francis, Mi'kmaw linguist