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The Manager

The Manager

by Caroline Stellings • 176 pages

TINA IS SHORT, BUT SHE PACKS A WALLOP! And she knows every move a boxer needs to get to the top. But it’s 1979, and the glory days of the sport are over. With the family gym about to fold, and her father unwilling to listen to a word she says, Tina takes off, leaving Sydney’s Whitney Pier behind her.
    But it isn’t her temper that turns things around, it’s a road trip with her sister, and a Mi’kmaw light-heavyweight they meet along the way. Tina’s convinced he’ll go the distance—with her as Manager!
    By the award-winning author of the Malagawatch Mice series. “Heartbreakingly tender and slapstick funny.”—CM Magazine
    Winner of the Hamilton Literary Award for Fiction
Selected for Best Books for Kids and Teens