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The Living Beach

The Living Beach

by Silver Donald Cameron • hardcover • 246 pages
A JOYOUSLY ANECDOTAL EXPLORATION of the wonders of beaches—wherever land meets sea. Silver Donalod makes concepts like eustatic and relative sea level as fascinating as the individuals he meets, who seem possessed by the oceans, their beaches, and all there is to know about these. He reveals that the beach is not merely a place, but a process that embodies the paradox of change and stability.
Who can resist this stuff? It will change the way you see the world. There isn’t a boring moment in The Living Beach!
Intrigued by a scientist who talked as though the beaches were alive, Cameron’s inquiries took him first to the gray sand of Pondville Beach, near his home in Isle Madame, Cape Breton Island. He roved south to Miami Beach and west to the coasts of Oregon and California. While reporting on the idiosyncrasies of a variety of beaches, he takes us on an exploration of the elements that make a beach what it is—the nature of the waves, the origins of the sand, and the wild diversity of often bizarre plants and animals that live there.