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The House of Wooden Santas

The House of Wooden Santas

Story by Kevin Major  •  wood carvings by Imelda George

ONE OF THE BEST FAMILY CHRISTMAS BOOKS—read one story a night for the month of December!

    Jesse and his mother face the challenges of making a new life in a small town. But it’s hard. Jesse has no friends, and his mother’s carved wooden Santas aren’t selling. Will there even be a Christmas? Jesse wonders. But before the season is out, Jesse and his mom discover the true spirit of Christmas.

    Stunningly illustrated with Ned Pratt’s photos of Imelda George’s wooden Santas in all manner of decoration and display. Kevin Major is a Newfoundlander, and carver Imelda George lives in Richmond County, Cape Breton.

    “Glorious, beautifully made.... Major understands how text has to work with illustration, how the real life of children has to be captured in their speech and actions, how language has to be made sImple without sounding false.”—Qhill & Quire

HARDCOVER • 12 X 9 • COLOUR PHOTOS • 96 pages