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The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum — The Novel

The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum — The Novel

by Sheldon Currie • photos from the movie • 128 pages

THIS IS THE NOVEL THAT GAVE BIRTH to the Genie Award-winning motion picture Margaret's Museum.
        Terrific storytelling with a bizarre, shattering ending, it has the guts to carry a love story set in Cape Breton’s coal region to a staggering, realistic conclusion. But Sheldon Currie’s real contribution is excellent storytelling, and the remarkable Margaret, an indelible voice in Canadian literature.
“Currie possesses the ability to look into the hidden heart…and reveal us to ourselves.”—Alistair MacLeod, author
    "Sheldon Currie...conceived of a museum that might speak for mining life in a way that included the terrible darkness, low pay, sudden physical dismemberment and brutally hard work, that included more of a coal miner's shift and his family's life, constantly at the financial and physical edge. [His book] is suffused with tragedy, history, hope and love."—Ronald Caplan, Cape Breton's Magazine
    CJCB Radio Book of the Year! Over 10,000 copies sold!