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The Food Explorer

The Food Explorer

The True Adventures of
the Globe-Trotting Botanist
Who Transformed What America Eats

by Daniel Stone

WITH AN INSATIABLE LUST to explore the world, David Fairchild—son-in-law of Alexander Graham Bell—set out in search of foods that would enrich the local farmer and enchant the local eater. His culinary ambition transformed the North American food plate.

    Kale from Croatia, mangoes from India, hops from Bavaria. Peaches from China, avocadoes from Chile, pomegranates from Malta. From Egypt Fairchild sent back a variety of cotton that revolutionized an industry. Via Japan he introduced the cherry blossom tree.

    “Stone is an amiable narrator who balances botany, culinary history, and travelogue with fast-paced adventure writing.”—Wall Street Journal.

HARDCOVER • PHOTOS • 416 pages