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The Cape Breton Fiddle Companion

The Cape Breton Fiddle Companion

by Liz Doherty • photos • 454 pages

A BOOK EVERY FIDDLE LOVER WANTS! History, people, tunes, recordings­—Cape Breton’s fiddle traditions. Liz Doherty is no stranger to our music—she has made a study of it! And plays her heart out!
Cape Breton fiddle music has its own sound, artistic standards, performance practices and etiquette. This book tells us why.
The reader can hop, skip and jump through fascinating characters, families, communities, and achievements. This new encyclopedic book contributes to ongoing conversation about Cape Breton music.
“A detailed overview of Cape Breton’s remarkably rich heritage of fiddle music.”
—Hon. Rodney MacDonald, Gaelic College