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Summer Preserves

Summer Preserves

by Diane Reid • 42 poems • 56 pages
SMART, SASSY, AND SEXY, Summer Preserves is a dazzling debut collection from teacher and activist Diane Reid—generous, with good taste and guts.
    “Reading Summer Preserves is like biting into a ripe plum. Savour the juice and tang of each poem.”—Anne Simpson, author of Light Flows Through You and Loop
    “Bursting at the seams with ideas...powered by energetic engagement. There is, at the core, a control and serious attention to craft.”—Matt Robinson, author of A Ruckus of Awkward Stacking
    “Immediate, sensual, alternating rhythm and surprise, here is a voice celebrating our shared riches, our common passions.”—Bill Gaston, author of Sex Is Red