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Moses Coady Canada's Rural Revolutionary

Moses Coady Canada's Rural Revolutionary

DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION, Moses Coady, a priest and an educator, set out to rescue people from poverty, depedency and despair. 

Based at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Coady and his followers laid the foundations for the co-operative and credit union movements that now play a significant role in the social and economic life of people around the world.

Moses Coady, Canada’s Rural Revolutionary tells the story of this genuine Canadian hero and his remarkable legacy—The Antigonish Movement—an innovative experiment in commu- nity development that applied Catholic social teaching to rural economics in order to enable a more just and humane society.

“Coady and his people did not view men and women as ‘hands’ or ‘factors of production’ or ‘human resources.’ They saw them as God’s creation, imbued with potential for becoming fully human, with a divine spark that could be fanned into flame through adult education. As Coady put it, ‘We are not building credit unions. We are building men.’”