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Memoir: Conversations and Craft

Memoir: Conversations and Craft

by Marjorie Simmins

INTIMATE, RELAXED, probing interviews open doors into the lives and writing decisions of Linden MacIntyre, Donna Morrissey, Lawrence Hill, and other Canadian authors. Their thoughtful, sometimes breathtaking, discussions are worth the price of the book. But journalist and educator Marjorie Simmins does much more. In plain-spoken, inspirational language she instructs and invites each of us to enter the world of memoir from any direction that may work for us. Simmins is determined to clarify all the options available that can stimulate the vital practice of storytelling, which she celebrates as a lifesaving human activity.

   “Marjorie Simmins has provided a road map for all of us, from first-timers right through to seasoned memoirists.”—John DeMont, journalist and author