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Little One

Little One

by Phil Organ • 144 pages

A MOMENT OF COMPASSION in the anthill means that Little One will live—a life of new ideas that will challenge the colony's traditional world.
    Little One demonstrates enormous integrity and commitment to her colony, but eventually, with courage and conviction, she dares to live out her own vision. Entranced by glimpses of the sun and moon, she struggles to match ant lore with the beauty she recognizes around her. Even the menacing Furry One turns out to be gentle. So how can she reconcile the action of the hunt with the value of life—even the tiniest of lives?
    Beautifully written and difficult to classify, Phil Organ's novel holds up a compelling, disturbing mirror to the way we live.
    Not for little kids, Little One possesses kernels of terror, and kernels of exquisite light.
    Watership Down meets Charlotte's Web!