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God & Me

God & Me

by Sheila Green • drawings by Alison R. Grapes • 6 x 4.14 in. • 36 pages

IN God & Me Sheila Green offers a series of short, unpretentious poems meant to share the experience of questions, answers and mysteries in discovering relationship with one another, and with God. The ease and caring of this little book make it a rare find for a wide range of people.
    Alison Grapes has contributed drawings that, rather than illustrate, try to maintain the calm, urgent joy.

No Sense

I brought it home, Dad put it out.
I still don't know what all the fuss was about.
It was only a snake, a dull kind of brown,
But it turned Mom's smile into a frown.

"Outside," said Dad, "is where God meant them to be."
That didn't make much sense to me.
"What about the yucky fish you bring from the sea
and stick on a plate in front of me?
Shouldn't they be let where God meant them to be?

I don't know about God, but I was wrong;
'Cause I'm in my bedroom and the snake is gone.