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Cape Breton's Christmas—Book 3

Cape Breton's Christmas—Book 3

edited by Ronald Caplan
FROM THE HEART OF CAPE BRETON come these stories by Paul MacDougall, Bev McGee, Katheryn Gordon, Sheldon MacInnes, LeRoy Peach, Linden MacIntyre, Elke Ibrahim, Clive Doucet, Phil Organ, Sharon Hope Irwin, Mark Eyking, Mike Finigan, Verna Murphy, Betty-Jane Cameron, Sandra Dunn, Larry Gibbons, David Muise, Katheryn Gordon, and more.
CBC Radio’s Steve Sutherland shares the joys of their annual “Light Up a Life” fundraiser: “There’s the lady who collects money in a coffee can all year long and then plops it down on the table with a great big grin and eyes that sparkle. There’s Lily and Ella and their dad Sam, who leave early for school so they can bring in a donation from their birthday money, and whom I see growing up in one-year intervals. There’s the gang from the credit union who convene every December for an office dance around the Christmas tree....”
From the hilarious to the deeply moving—good reading for any season!