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Cape Breton's Christmas, Book 8

Cape Breton's Christmas, Book 8

Cape Breton's Christmas, Book is An 8th Treasury of Stories and Memories collected  and edited by Ronald Caplan Paperback , Trade $18.95 CAD

           "We sit under the tree on Christmas morning and read these stories aloud.."

           Now an annual holiday tradition, Book 8 of Cape Breton's Christmas is an all-new collection of 50 stories from Judique to Cape North, from Whitney Pier, St. Peter's, Louisbourg and beyond — storytelling that is at the heart of Cape Breton Island. Magical deceptions. Hilarious house parties. Parents who climbed the roof to prove Santa is real, dresses sewn past midnight, cooking and decorating beyond belief. Cape Breton's Christmas is a terrific collection of healing and tragedy, joy and hope and laughter. Filled with warmth, fun and compassion, these are stories that will touch and restore your soul—for years to com.