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Cape Breton Christ

Cape Breton Christ

by Denise Aucoin • 128 pages

AN EXTRAORDINARY, BRAVE, AND PROVOCATIVE story, told in the form of poetry that reads like a brisk, short novel. Denise Aucoin's Cape Breton Christ is rare, risky, lighthearted and down-to-earth writing that challenges and encourages us all.
    No one has yet dared to write about love of Cape Breton Island and love of Christ with such direct fervour—or to read into her passion for Cape Breton such a universal and hopeful story.
    "As she poetically puts the world, Christ, and Cape Breton all in the same creation package, we become aware of a seasoned sense of disciplined theology..., suggesting that if Cape Bretoners never heard of Christ, they would be like Christ anyway."—Rev. Rennie MacKenzie, New Waterford, author of In the Pit