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Baddeck and That Sort of Thing

Baddeck and That Sort of Thing

by Charles Dudley Warner • photos • 126 pages

A BESTSELLING TRAVELOGUE from 1874! “One of the freshest and most enjoyable books of the kind we have ever read” was one happy review.
This is the book that brought Alexander Graham Bell to Baddeck! Read by Bell in 1885, it inspired the Bell family to visit Baddeck—which subsequently became their second home for much of the next 37 years. Many of Bell’s greatest accomplishments—such as Canada‘s first powered flight—took place there, and Bell chose to be buried overlooking Baddeck.
This new, enhanced version contains the entire original, plus a new introduction, book reviews, photos, related articles, and a foreword by Bell’s great-grandson, Hugh Bell Muller.
Warner’s opening words set the delightful tone of this book: “Two comrades and travelers, who sought a better country than the United States in the month of August....”