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Dieppe—Canada's Forgotten Heroes

Dieppe—Canada's Forgotten Heroes

by John Mellor
GRIPPING IN INTENSITY, excruciating in detail, this account of the 1942 Allied raid on the heavily-fortified German-held coastal town of Dieppe, France, is written with humanity and eloquence.
Mellor puts the reader in the landing craft and on the beaches with Canadians exposed to the carnage of German firepower from the cliffs above. In nine hours, 807 Canadians die. Then 1,946 survivors march to German prisoner-of-war camps, to face years of appalling captivity. John Mellor tells the soldier’s story, man by man, to keep this essential Canadian epic alive.
“Vivid…Poignant…Devastating…Throbs with Agony…Astonishing Bravery…Riveting!”—Toronto Star