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Travels With Farley

Travels With Farley

by Claire Mowat • 302 pages


On their road to Cape Breton Island—a warm, haunting story of two writers whose lives were woven together by love, adversity, and adventure—and their homes in Newfoundland, Ontario, and the Magdalen Islands.
Claire tells a fascinating story of the family, visitors, travels, and challenges of the Mowats.
From the Forewood: “...Delicate and understated.... The book reads easily, so relaxed and unassuming that its depths can be overlooked. They shouldn’t be. This is an important account of two remarkable lives, and of a Canada which is fast slipping from memory into history.”—Silver Donald Cameron
From the Afterword: “Together they shared a love of the world, of nature, and of people.”—Elizabeth May
“Candid, friendly, and concise”—The Miramichi Reader